Canada Apartment Rentals

June 27th, 2014 | admin

Financial experts and real estate unanimously agree on the fact that Quebec (Canada) is one of the sought-after destinations for real estate investment. Canadian real estate is vast and competitively priced and fetches high appreciation rates that makes it even more lucrative to the investors.

The legal system of Canada is hassle free as compared to most countries of the world. This also contributes to the to the growing popularity of Quebec. After conducting comparative studies, experts find Canadian properties much affordable than US, UK or France.

Another factor that favors Quebec property market is the reinforcement of the Canadian economy. This has led many people from across the world to migrate to Canada. This has shot the demand of properties in Canada. Property dealer experts predict that the increasing demand of property rates would eventually boost the value of property in Quebec. Non-resident Canadians can also invest in Quebec real estate properties without any hassle.

The factors that an investor should keep in mind before investing in Canadian real estate are:

1. Opt for a destination where the average income is always accelerating. This would mean property rates would also follow the same pattern.

2. Invest in a property if its surrounding areas are experiencing a strong growth in their property rates. Although at a slower pace, your prospect property would eventually fetch you high returns.

3. Update your statistics by reading the latest data th


Costa Rican Attorneys

June 22nd, 2014 | admin

I hate to see people taken advantage of and I hate to see people suffer after choosing the wrong lawyer. Maybe those are two of the reasons that I became a lawyer, so that I could do something about those situations. I have seen clients who had lawyers neglect their cases for not just weeks but years. I have heard complaints about lawyers who would not tell the client what was going on with their cases, but would bill the client when the client called to ask what was happening. I have heard complaints about lawyers who took money from clients without a clear understanding of the expectations on either side.

I also hate to have to clean up a mess made by another lawyer. It is much easier to assist a client and avoid potential problems than it is to repair damage from choosing the wrong lawyer. I have seen poorly drafted prenuptial agreements and separation agreements. I have had to step in to repair and finish a botched annulment. I have had to step in to repair and finish a botched divorce.

One woman’s tale of woe especially comes to mind. Around the office, we call her story “The Tale of the Nine Year Divorce.” She had hired an attorney to defend a divorce action here in Virginia and to counter sue for divorce. She was living out of state at the time and paid the attorney a significant retainer. There was no written contract. The lawyer she had chosen seemed to be afraid of the opposing counsel and did nothing to move the case forward. In fact, the lawyer allowed the case to be dismissed from the court docket for inaction.

Renting a Home in Costa Rica

June 22nd, 2014 | admin

Costa Rica’s beach resorts and hotels receive a lot of well deserved attention among North American sun and surf worshipers. With white and dark sand beaches, great waves and romantic sunsets – it’s hard to go wrong. But for those tired of the salt-crusted-hair-look, who prefer something a bit more adventurous and off the beaten path, Costa Rica offers a delightful alternative: The jungle / rainforest lodge. Located in misty cloud forests, lowland jungles and remote beaches, the jungle lodge is everything a beach resort is not: intimate, secluded, bathed in nature and refreshingly authentic.

Imagine white water rafting down one of the world’s most scenic rivers to a palm-thatched paradise offering gourmet meals and unique nature tours. How about flying to one of Costa Rica’s remote jungles and then taking a small boat down a jungle-laden river straight out into the ocean and then on to your very own romantic getaway. Maybe an emerald-green cloud forest with myriad tropical birds and a cool moist breeze is really what you’re looking for? You can find this and much more at one of Costa Rica’s eclectic mix of jungle lodges.